Sit down With Bianca, from Bable

Sit down With Bianca, from Bable
Introducing Bable, the shop where you'll find the most beautiful hand-painted dinner candles in an array of vibrant colours and available in a huge variety of patterns. She has very kindly handpainted a range of Ducks & Daffs for us, which are totally beautiful!
We sat down with Bianca, the Founder of Bable to talk to her about all things Bable and to get her best tips on how create the perfect Easter Tablescape (if anyone is going to know how, it's Bianca!). 
I love sitting down with other small business founders - it's so interesting finding out a little bit more about them, how it started and what they have achieved. I feel so inspired by Bianca's story and how she has developed such a wonderful brand in such a short period of time. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy...


Thanks so much for sitting down with us Bianca, i'd love to hear a bit about how Bable began?

I am a primary school turned candle painter. My business started completely organically and unintentionally but, it is the best thing I have ever done. Last summer I  shared a photograph on Instagram of a single candle that I painted, and before I knew it, I was getting so many messages from people asking if they could purchase my candles. I couldn’t believe it! Since then I have gone onto quit my job, paint 1000’s of candles that have been sent all around the world, I have had a pop-up in Selfridges and now I have started to host sell out candle painting workshops. 

Wow, that's very impressive! You have so many beautiful designs, if you had to choose a favourite (aside from our Duck & Daffs!), which one is your favourite design to date?

I love the shrimp candles that I painted in collaboration with Beth from Studio B fashion. They are so quirky and really different but still elegant. They remind me of the seaside and holidays, who wouldn’t want that?

It sounds like you have worked with some amazing brands, what's been your favourite Bable moment so far?

    Honestly, there have been so many. I still get excited over every email I receive and every opportunity that comes my way. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I have managed to leave my stable job and run a craft business that has been stocked in Fortnum and Mason, it just blows my mind. I also find it very surreal when people notice me on the street and approach me and say “are you the girl that paints the candles”, when that happened the first time I nearly cried! 

    Yes, I can imagine that must have been a bit surreal! Your latest candles and the beautiful candles you hand-painted for us scream Spring - what's your favourite thing about Spring?

    I absolutely LOVE spring. I am big into flowers and I just love seeing the flowers start to bloom and the trees full of blossom. Plus we get to wear gorgeous long floral dress and go for drinks in beer gardens. 

    Sounds dreamy! Easter is fast approaching - you are Queen of beautiful tables, i'd love to know what your top tips would be for anyone wanting to create a beautiful Easter tablescape this year?

      For Easter, it is all about the pastel tones and springy seasonal flowers. It is a table that you can really have fun with, you could even bring it outside and do a little alfresco dining. 

      My five top tips would be: 

      1. Less is more - try not to over crowd your table. I would opt for a couple of Easter related props, such as the salt in an egg cup, fold your napkins like bunny ears and if you’re doing place setting add a small Easter illustrations. 

      2. Tulips are ideal - For the flowers, it is fun to use a range of pastel tones, tulips are great for this and cheap too! You can even flex some of their petals back to add a little drama. Blossom branch’s on tables look fab too! 

      3. Use candles to add personality - Candles always make a table look special. My painted candles of course are a must! They add a little personality to the candles and are great fun. 

      4. Have fun with colour - Your Easter table should be fresh, light and bursting with colour. It is not a formal event where everything needs to be uniformed and matching. Mix and match the table cloth and napkins and use the coloured glass wear. 

      5. Go all out - Lastly get out the best china and that favourite bowl, life is too short to keep it safe in the cupboard! 

      Thanks so much Bianca, i'll definitely be keeping these tips in mind! I love the tulip idea - genius!

      If you'd like to purchase some of Bianca's Ducks & Daffs, you can do so here. Or if you'd like to explore her whole range, here is a link to her website. 

      My top tip - The Ducks look great with The Lac dinner candle holder, a little bit like the Ducks are paddling in The Lac!