3 Eco-friendly ways to make your home smell gorgeous

3 Eco-friendly ways to make your home smell gorgeous

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Making your home smell amazing with little waste and using conscious eco-friendly products has never been so easy! There are plenty of alternatives to plastic air fresheners, aerosol cans, and plug-ins. These eco-friendly alternatives are a great switch and help reduce landfill.

Natural Reed Diffuser & Reed Diffuser Bottle

Natural Reed Diffusers 

If you want your home to smell beautiful all the time a natural reed diffuser is a great option as they're long lasting and low waste. Pott Candles offer a reusable diffuser pot in 3 different colours and a number of all natural reed diffuser oils in different scents, including Tonka, Orangery, Sea Salt and Jardin. The great thing about this concept is once you have your diffuser Pott it will last you forever and you can refill it with any of our beautiful diffuser oils which come in 100% recyclable aluminium reed diffuser bottles. This is aimed at reducing landfill. Pott Candles also offer a reed diffuser subscription service which is a great way to get monthly delivery at a discounted price.

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Refillable candle

Natural Refillable Candles 

If you prefer having an ambient flickering scented candle in the corner of the room then switching to all natural candles is the way to go. Parafin wax emits black soot and toxic chemicals whilst 100% soy, non toxic candles offer clean burning, longer burn time and don't release any toxins making them the best option!

To reduce waste Pott Candles have a great concept where you buy your forever hand-thrown, ceramic Pott which can be refilled time and time again with a new candle. The candle refills that are hand poured, scented using natural essential oils and use 100% soy and rapeseed wax, these eco-friendly candles are available in 11 different scents. Not only are these candles better for your overall health but they reduce the hundreds of thousands of used candle vessels being thrown away each year. 

These candles make a perfect eco-friendly choice if you're a lover of scented candles, and they would make a great gift to someone you know who is.

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 Essential oil

Natural Room Spray

This is a great option you can easily make at home. To create your own natural room spray all you need is a spray bottle, your favourite combination of essential oils, Witch hazel and half a pint of water. Simply add around 30 drops of your chosen oil and a tablespoon of Witch hazel to around a half a pint of water and give it a good shake before you spritz around your home and enjoy the beautifully scent!