6 reasons why Pott Candles & Diffusers are great sustainable Christmas gifts

6 reasons why Pott Candles & Diffusers are great sustainable Christmas gifts

Christmas is around the corner and we know how difficult it can be to find a great eco-friendly gift option. Which is why we wanted to share with you 6 reasons why our eco-friendly candles and vegan reed diffusers make great sustainable Christmas gifts. 

Candle refills - natural candles

1. The gift that keeps on giving - reuse & refill 

Our refillable candle and diffuser Potts are hand-thrown by UK potters, these beautiful ceramic Potts are made to last forever and be reused over and over again. This concept eliminates any single use waste. Our all natural candle refills are lovingly blended using 100% soy & rapeseed wax, use only essential oils and sustainable fragrance oils. These candle refills also have a longer burn time than parafin wax candles which is another positive reason to make the switch or to give your friend or family member the opportunity to try them as a gift.

Our natural reed diffusers are made from essential oils and come in a 100% aluminium reed diffuser bottles which is recyclable. Our natural reed diffusers are a great gift as they're extremely long lasting and provide amazing fragrance throughout your home.

Candle Refill - Refillable Candle

2. Recyclable Packaging 

All packaging used at Pott Candles is recyclable, from our 100% aluminium reed diffuser bottles to our dissolvable packing peanuts. We take sustainability really seriously and it's something we've always been conscious of. 

Reed Diffuser Bottle

3. Reducing Landfill Waste

When Pott Candles begun, making sure we were sustainable, eco friendly and overall planet conscious was, and still is, extremely important to us and continues to be apart of our company ethos.  

Founder Ailis - "I believe that small changes make a big impact. I want to make it easy for you to enjoy candles in a more sustainable way."

We've ensured all of our packaging is 100% recyclable including our reed diffuser bottles, candle paper wrapping, eco packing tape and cardboard boxes.


Candle Refill

4. Vegan and 100% Natural Candles & Diffusers

Our candle refills and natural reed diffusers are all 100% natural. Our eco-Friendly candles use only natural ingredients ensuring there's no harmful toxins being released when they're lit, plus they're sustainable and smell absolutely divine.

Candle Refills

5. Subscription 

We also offer a subscription service across our eco-friendly candles and vegan reed diffusers which means you get to enjoy a new candle or diffuser refill delivered to your home each month at a discounted price. 

Subscription Candles

6. Scent

Lastly, our natural reed diffusers and candles are available in a variety of 11 natural beautiful scents and will leave your home smelling absolutely gorgeous.

Refillable Candles 

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