Candle Care & Safety

Top Tips To Look After Your Candles & Diffussers

Candle Care

Trim your wick

Trim your wick between each burn, keeping it at 5mm above the surface of the wax. Wick trimmers are ideal, but sharp scissors and (clean!) nail clippers can also work well.

Sometimes wicks develop 'mushrooms' (you'll know if your candle has got one and 'mushroom' will suddenly make sense!). This can happen for a number of reasons but, if you do spot one, just make sure you trim it off before continuing burning. 

Burn time

It is best practice to burn your candle until it has a full melt pool (the liquid wax reaches the edges of your Pott). This generally happens at around 3-4 hours into a burn. We would advise burning your candle for four hours at a time. Any longer and your Pott may get too hot and crack, and any shorter and your candle may start to 'tunnel' (when the candle burns down in a ring and leaves lots of wax around the edges). 

If, on your first four-hour burn, your candle melt pool does not reach the edges, do not worry, it will catch up later on. 

Burn in a safe place

Burn in a safe place, away from children, pets and anything flammable. Always burn on a flat, heat-resistant surface and within eyesight. Don’t burn it too close to any other candles (we suggest at least 3 inches away) or near any draughts. Basically, be sensible...remember a candle has a naked flame!

A match made in heaven

A significant amount of testing and development has gone into designing our Potts and candle refills to make sure that they are safe and perform well together. Please use them as intended and do not burn your candle as a standalone candle as it may melt over the surface and could cause a fire.

We have not tested our candles in other pots and we have not tested other candles in our pots - so cannot guarantee that they will burn safely. In short, please only use Pott products with other Pott products! 

Refill carefully

Once you have 1/2 inch wax remaining in your Pott, leave it to set/harden and then carefully follow the refill instructions. We have put together a short video that goes through the steps one by one, which you can find here. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!


Diffuser Care

Reed Care

Taking care of your reeds is an important aspect of getting the most out of your diffuser. In order to keep the scent fresh and fragrant, we recommend you flip your reeds every few days. 

Whilst flipping the reeds, avoid contact with any oil and the skin as mixtures could cause an allergic reaction. In the event of skin or eye contact, rinse throughly with water and seek medical advice if skin irritation occurs.

Increasing the number of reeds will increase the strength of your diffuser, decreasing the number of reeds will decrease the strength.

When it comes to refilling your diffuser; clean the Pott (with hot soapy water), change the oil and add fresh reeds.

Keeping in a safe place 

Always keep your diffuser out of reach of children or pets and away from any open flames.

To avoid any damage to surfaces, ensure your diffuser is on a well protected and level surface. Reeds should not be in in contact with any surfaces, walls or soft furnishings such as curtains.

Refill carefully

Carefully follow the refill instructions that came with your diffuser. 

When refilling your diffuser, avoid contact between the oil and skin as mixtures could cause an allergic reaction. In the event of skin or eye contact, rinse throughly with water and seek medical advice if skin irritation occurs.

Make sure to keep your Pott in good condition and do not use if the Pott has been dropped or is damaged.

General diffuser safety

Do not ingest the liquid. Do not light the reeds.