Welcome to Pott

Pott’s foundations are in two very simple ideas - love your planet and support local artisan makers. Oh, and always be kind! 

We believe that small changes can make a big impact, which is why we want to make it easy for you to enjoy candles in a more sustainable way, whilst also supporting local and independent UK-based artists and businesses.

The idea is that you keep your handmade Pott and refill it with our pre-moulded candles to suit the season or occasion. 

All our artisan products are lovingly hand-made in small batches in the UK.

Every Pott is individually hand-thrown by our awesome potters, Ellen & Jack. Because of this, no two Potts are the same - they all have their own unique personality!

All our candles are lovingly crafted and hand-poured. Our candles are all vegan, cruelty-free and created with inspiration from the earth. We use rapeseed & coconut wax with 100% natural essential oils and sustainable fragrance oils.

The seasons will change, the scents will change, but your Pott is in it for the long haul. 

Team Pott x