Forbes Recognition

Forbes Recognition

We recently received the incredible news that Ailis was named one of Europes 30 under 30 which is such an incredible achievement. Pott Candles was born from Ailis's desire to reduce the waste single use candles produce and create a sustainable refillable candle alternative, which not only reduces waste but provides pottery work for local artisan potters keeping this wonderful trade alive and of course, her burning love for candles.

We're so pleased Forbes was able to recognise Pott for being a sustainable brand, supporting local artisans and creating beautiful handmade products. 

"I started candle making during the pandemic as a form of escapism (my version of banana bread!). I grew frustrated at the number of empty candle jars I had lying around and wondered why refillable candle jars were not more prominent. I decide to pursue my hobby and see where it would take me. (Swipe to see launch day pic!)

Since launching Pott the main focus has been on a sustainable refill model, handmade products and supporting local artisans.

It’s incredible for Forbes to recognise a business like Pott in their list, and shows the importance and growing trend towards handmade, local and sustainable products." Founder - Ailis Topley 

We can't thank those of you who continue to purchase Pott candles, like, follow us on social media and sign up to our newsletter enough. Every one of you who have supported us in one way or another has lead Pott Candles to be where we are today and we couldn't be more grateful for your support.