Eucalyptus - A Deep Dive

Eucalyptus - A Deep Dive

Eucalyptus is an evergreen tree that’s native to Australia, but can also be found right here in the UK. We’re all about sustainability at Pott, so were drawn to eucalyptus because it’s fast-growing, making it one of the more ethical and eco-friendly ingredients to work with. 

We also chose it because it’s 100% natural, and to be honest, we just wanted something fresh after Christmas. We’ve spent the last few weeks eating too much, and not moving nearly enough, so we knew a fresh new scent would spring us into action, and get us ready for the new year. And just because we wanted to keep the Christmas spirit going a little bit longer… we’ve mixed it with clove. 

This scent also means a lot to me personally. I used to live in Australia, and one of my favourite memories is walking through eucalyptus forests, searching for koalas. Now every time I smell eucalyptus, I’m instantly transported back to that unforgettable time in my life – the joy of spotting a koala all happy in its natural habitat just made my heart so full, so I wanted to share that feeling with all of you.


Did you know that eucalyptus has a range of health benefits? 

When burning, the candle’s scent will diffuse across the room, meaning you’ll breathe in all the natural ingredients, and get all the benefits of an aromatherapy session from the comfort of home. 

- Got a January cold? Eucalyptus is widely used as a cold remedy! 

- Feeling frazzled in the new year? Hang some eucalyptus in the shower, so the next time you’re in there, it’ll react with the steam and create a dreamy spa experience *and relax* 

- Experiencing joint pain? Eucalyptus can ease it 

- Tired of being pestered by insects? Eucalyptus repels them