Deep dive Into the Lac

Inspired by the serenity of a tranquil lake, the fresh forest surroundings and the peaceful feeling of being in nature, the palette echoes the silty shallows and inky depths as the ceramics take on different watery hues depending on their position in the kiln when fired. Their glaze colouring, pattern work and handmade finish is to be celebrated for its uniqueness, making each piece a true one-off.

We have been working with a fabulous potter in Northern Ireland called Adrian who helped us bring The Lac collection to life, we wanted each Pott from 'The Lac' to be unique and the only one of it's kind.  The beauty is in the unknown with ceramics, it's often a bit of an experiment when it comes to using new glazes, we glazed 'The Lac' collection in the exact same glaze mixture and depending on where each Pott was positioned in the kiln impacted how each individual Pott came out. The easiest way to understand a kiln is to think of it as an oven, with the top getting hotter than the bottom. This difference in heat makes the glaze react in different ways, forming very unique differences to each Pott.

When making pottery there are so many factors that can change the look and feel of an object which is what we wanted to demonstrate in this collection, that there is beauty in the unique differences. We really didn't know what to expect when we opened the kiln but we were so pleased with the results and the colours looked beautiful. We numbered each Pott so all of you could tell which piece of the collection you now own and we were SO thrilled with the most amazing reaction to the collection, I was extremely nervous that you wouldn't all like the Pott's you receives but fortunately that didn't happen and we've only had positive feedback!

We have a few piece of The Lac collection remaining, which you can purchase here