Featured Scent: Tonka

Featured Scent: Tonka
The Tonka bean. A luxurious but complex scent with deep, rich and warm characteristics. 
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What are Tonka beans?

Tonka beans come from the tropical rainforests of Central and parts of South America. They are harvested from the Dipteryx Ordorata tree commonly referred to as Camaru or Brazilian teak. Once picked they're cured and dried, taking on the appearance of black, wrinkled bean about the size of an almond.

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What does a Tonka bean smell like?

Tonka is a complex scent of wood and spice with undertones of tobacco that can lend a creamy, warm element to the fragrance composition.  Tonka is commonly used as a base note in perfumed products and gives a warm and welcoming aroma. The Tonka bean scent is often compared to Vanilla, which makes sense as Vanilla is also part of the gourmand fragrance family.

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Tonka fragrance at Pott Candles

Tonka was one of the very first scented candles we launched. It is a much loved fragrance across the whole Pott community and we can understand why! It's sweet, warm scent is almost like a big hug and gives the most beautiful aroma. It's the perfect fragrance to have in a candle or diffuser, particularly during the colder months of the year. We offer the Tonka fragrance across our full range, from petite, standard and grand candle refills to diffuser oil.

Tonka candle
Tonka candles 

Our Tonka candles consist of creamy Tonka mixed with earthy patchouli and woody cedar. They're all hand poured, made from 100% coconut and rapeseed oil, infused with completely natural essential oils & sustainable fragrance oil to give them their beautiful scent. They (standard size) have a 60hr burn time. The best thing about our candles is, once you've finished, you can purchase a Tonka candle refill or, if you'd like to try something new, we have a variety of 11 different scented refills to choose from for your next refill.

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Tonka diffusers

Similar to our Tonka candles, our fragranced diffuser oil is made up of 100% natural essential oil and fragrance oil to give a creamy warm aroma of Tonka mixed with earthy patchouli and woody cedar.