Top 4 sustainable homeware brands in the UK

While we tend to look to our wardrobes and fashion buying habits as a way to behave more sustainably, we perhaps forget there are other areas of our lives which we can also make an impactful difference too. Our homes are often an extension of ourselves and a place we love to restyle and redecorate which can also have a negative impact on the planet. Incorporating conscious consumerism into our interior shopping habits is a vital step that we all need to be implementing.

With the help of these 5 eco-conscious brands you can start transforming your home while limiting your impact on the environment and giving your home an update in a more thoughtful way.  

1. Pott Candles 

Pott candles is the uk's no.1 refillable candle company, Pott's core values have always been to be better to the planet and to support local artisans. Sustainability really is at the heart of this brand which is why they have created the most wonderful concept to minimise unnecessary waste. You choose one of their hand made beautiful ceramic Pott's then you can choose a scented candle of your choice from their 14 scents, then simply refill with a new candle once you've finished with the last. It's simple but very impactful.

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2. Eco Sophy 

Ecosophy is an conscious textiles company based in the UK, their product range is focused on textiles and all items are made with sustainable fibres, such as organic cotton, organic linen, and wild silk. They use hand production where possible as it is carbon neutral, supports rural livelihoods and adds an individual character to each product.

"Ecosophy is a sustainable homeware brand with a focus on bedding, towels and other textile products. Our name combines eco (from the Greek oikos, meaning ‘household’) and sophy (from sophia, meaning ‘wisdom’). This dual meaning of 'ecological wisdom' and 'household wisdom' reflects our goal, which is to help our customers make ecologically wise choices when decorating their homes."

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3. Interiors Yard 

Reuse and recycle is a concept Interior's Yard lives by, their products have been designed to be used time and time again in different ways, in harmony with the seasons. They've created a timeless collection which positively impacts their customers consumerism choices as they're only likely to buy a particular furniture piece once and just restyle it as each season comes around and will use for years to come. They've created pieces to be versatile, which includes rustic reclaimed plank bath board, which has been designed to not only be a bath board but also looks great as a table centrepiece. Versatility is what makes Interiors Yard different and encourages people to restyle each items in your home so you never get board.

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4. Wearth

Wreath has patterned with an impressive 200 eco-friendly, ethical and vegan-friendly UK brands. Wreath offers a huge variety of home products, from cleaning products to clothing. They also provide an insightful eco-conscious blog with tips and tricks on the best ways to living a more conscious lifestyle, eco inspo, vegan recipes and zero waste guides.

Wearth also makes it really easy to shop by your values - be it plastic free, refillable, organic, socially contributing, recycled etc. Each product on the site is listed under these ‘value categories’ to make browsing more targeted.

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