Candle Care Tips

Candle Care Tips

Fed up of uneven candles and candle tunnelling? We've got 5 candle care tips that will set you up with the perfect candle everytime.

Pott scented candles are simply the perfect finishing touch to add to your home, not only do they give off the most delightful scent but they create such an ambient cosy atmosphere in your home.

To help you make the most out of your eco friendly vegan Pott candles we've put together 5 tips we think are crucial for a good candle burn.

You may think, surely there isn't much to burning candles but truthfully, In order to get the most out of your favourite candles it's crucial to implement these 5 steps to get the perfect burn and avoid the dreaded tunnel or uneven burn.

1. The first burn

The initial first burn is the most important of them all! We suggest burning your Pott refillable candle for 1-2 hours to ensure an even burn across the top and the wax has melted to the sides of your Pott.

How to stop your candle from tunnelling?

To avoid your Pott candle from tunnelling it's important that your first burn melts the entire top surface of your Pott candle. This will ensure an even burn for the duration of the candles lifetime. If you're reading this now and your candle has already tunnelled and you want to save it, we suggest putting some aluminium foil around the top of the Pott candle, still allowing the centre to be open, then light your candle and to burn for a few hours until the top surface has melted back down and gone to a smooth flat surface.

2. Trim the wick

We suggest trimming the wick everytime you light your Pott candle and make sure the wick is 6mm long. This will avoid tunnelling and doing this will also control the size of the flame allowing you to make the most out of your candle.

3.  Extinguish your candle with a snuffer

We recommend extinguishing your vegan scented candle with a snuffer because it prevents smoking and any hot wax splattering.

Why you shouldn't blow out your candle?

Blowing out your candles can make the wax uneven and push wax to the side of the Pott which will then affect the burn and cause tunnelling.

4. Keep away from open windows and flows of strong air

We suggest keeping windows closed to maximise a more concentrated scent throw in your home, plus having windows open can cause uneven burning and smoking.

5 How to maximise your scent throw

Opening windows and doors will disperse the concentration of your scented candle which is why it's best to have all doors and windows closed to allow your candle time to throw it's beautiful scent. 


We hope your next candle burn is successful and our candle care tips have been useful. If you'd like to try our sustainable refillable candles at Pott then head over to our online shop where you'll find an array of the most beautiful scented refillable candles and hand made ceramic candles Potts to choose from that you can use time and time again with no wastage.