5 Simple ways to make your home smell amazing

5 Simple ways to make your home smell amazing

I'm sure there have been moments in your lifetime when you've visited a family member or a friend and been welcomed with the most unforgettable, delightful scent as soon as you've stepped foot into their home. For me, having a great smelling home is a wonderful way to create a nostalgic memorable experience for your nearest and dearest which is why today we're going to tell you our favourite tips for creating a home that smells amazing. 

Candle and matchstick Potts - home fragrance

1. Empty bins/food waste

To begin with, which is quite obvious is to remove anything that could potentially give off a bad smell, empty gone off food waste from your fridge, gone off fruit in the fruit bowl and empty all your inside bins. This removes any unpleasant odours that could be filling the air in your home before you begin adding your unique home fragrance. 

Image of inside luxury countryside home. - Home fragrance

2. Air out your home

Throw open your windows and doors to let some fresh air in, this will clear the air and freshen the rooms in your home before you start adding home fragrance.

 Inside someones home facing towards a window letting light and sun in - home fragrance

3. Home fragrance

Here's where we start adding home fragrance, we love reed diffusers and their ability to emit a gorgeous scent for long lengths of time throughout your home. Reed diffusers made with natural essential oils or naturally scented oils are the best option, this ensures no artificial odours will linger and only natural real scents will fill your home. Just let them do their thing and refill once they get empty. We suggest dotting a few diffusers throughout your home to really get fragrance flowing throughout.

Trio of Pott Diffusers


4. Candles 

A home isn't a home without a cosy scented candle. One of our favourite things to do throughout the year is to treat ourselves to a scented candle to fill the room with glorious fragrance that suits the time of the year as well as setting the scene for a peaceful ambiance.

A grand refill candle being placed into ceramic Pott - Home fragrance


5. Washing detergent 

Refresh your soft furnishings by giving them all a wash, not only does this give them a clean but gives you an opportunity to use a detergent that you LOVE! This will additionally contribute to your home fragrance.


We really hope our top five tips help you on your journey to creating a home that smells amazing. 
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