The Speckle

The Speckle

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This Pott is earthy, speckly and has a beautiful rustic feel. 

Every Pott is designed to be refilled with our custom-made candle refills. Please choose your initial scent from the drop down menu:

Terra - geranium, cedarwood, patchouli, ylang ylang, vetiver

Lavendula - clary sage, chamomile, geranium & bergamot

Fig - fig, raspberry, plum & wood

Eden - bergamot, vetiver, cedarwood & mint

Orangery - orange blossom, rosemary, basil & cedarwood

Natural - unscented

Pomegranate (limited edition) - pomegranate, cloves and wood

Tonka - Tonka, patchouli & cedar

Eucalyptus (limited edition) - Eucalyptus, bay & clove bud

Please bear in mind that due to this being a handmade product it may look slightly different to the picture. For example, it may have a few more lovely speckles, or it may have a few less. That is the beauty of a beautifully handcrafted product - it is totally unique and each one has it's own personality!

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