Behind the Scenes: Our New Reed Diffuser Sets

We're so delighted to finally show you our gorgeous new reed diffuser sets. We have initially launched this collection with our classic Pott shades, Speckle, Heather and Blush and our four best selling scents, Seasalt, Tonka, Jardin and Orangery in a 100% naturally scented oil formula. They are everything you love about our Pott candles, a Pott you keep for ever and refill with your favourite scents.
We wanted to show you a little behind the scenes of the production of our reed diffuser sets and how they're made. 
We have a selection of potters across the UK that make our Potts. The image below shows the beginning stages of our reed diffuser Potts being casted and the following image shows how they look once they're been casted.
Reed diffuser Potts being casted. - reed diffuser setsReed diffuser Pott casting - Reed diffuser sets
Once they're casted the Pott logo is stamped on and we can see the diffuser Pott in a very raw state before it's been glazed or put in the kiln. This first stage we have to allow the clay to completely dry before we put it in the kiln for it's first firing. 
Pott reed diffuser - reed diffuser sets
The second step is to put them in the kiln for their first firing which will transform them into a ceramic material, this is called bisque firing.
Once they've had their first firing the reed diffuser Potts cool and then glazed around the bottom portion of the Potts to show the natural colouring of the clay.
Reed Diffuser sets
They're then glazed before going into the kiln.
Reed diffuser potts - reed diffuser sets
Reed diffuser potts - reed diffuser sets
Now here's for the fun bit! The kiln has worked it's magic and the Potts have been transformed into super glossy, beautiful Potts ready for use. Depending on where the Pott was in the kiln will determine how the Pott will look. As you can see every Pott is individual and unique. All our reed diffuser sets need now is our 100% naturally scented diffuser oil and reed diffuser sticks.
the three diffuser potts - reed diffuser sets
Reed diffuser sticks - reed diffuser sets
Reed diffuser sets
We hope you enjoyed this insight into the production of how our ceramic diffuser Potts are produced. 
Our reed diffuser sets are now available to purchase online. 
Shop our reed diffuser sets here.